Web Design Mistakes that Law Firms Usually Make

Whether or not you know it, your law firm’s website might be making a critical mistake that can lead to turning off your potential clients or violating your state’s lawful ethics rules. Here are the elements to avoid that will make sure your best law firm websites effectively reaches prospective clients and complies completely with applicable lawyer ethics rules.


Attorneys often create contents for their sites with their experiences. When writing contents, you might fall back on language and jargon you’re used to on a daily basis as a practicing lawyer. But, this is not the jargon which most people know. Boasting about your latest “successful motion for judgment and dismissal” won’t be as attractive as to a customer as “judge threw out other side’s case, thus saving our client all the expenses of trial.”

When you read motions and case laws all day, at times it’s difficult to break out of the legal writing style and begin relating to clients as they can understand.


Nowadays, there are lots of inexpensive or free law firm website templates available on the web. Some companies may tell you that they can create a customized website for your firm in a short time. But when they deliver your website, have a look and also compare it with other law firms’ websites. Does it exactly look like other lawyers’ or law firms websites, with a different colors scheme?

How does this happens? It is because of cheap templates use. Many website creation companies use as well as reuse the same websites templates again and again, changing only the firm names, biographies, and pictures, while keeping site structure and many pages same. It saves them lots of time and money, but they charge you still for a site created from the ground.


Your website has an image of the courthouse, a gavel, scales of justice along with the blind judge.

Every other law firm website has this as well. It is what makes your firm less unique and forgettable to the clients who browse several firm sites before choosing his/her attorney.

Using such images will not help your law firm to stick out and can even hurt you greatly, as clients will get turned off by such cliche imagery that they see all around the Internet.


Many law firm websites do not sell the lawyer’s skills to clients. They have Practice Areas page often noting that the law firm handles family law, estate planning matters or accident cases, but does nothing much more to convince clients on why they should make use of the law firm services.

Or the attorneys think they have sufficient information about their great skills as they have a lawyer bio page for each member of the law firm. This does not do much to pitch clients about your expertise, however. The clients do not read carefully through the lawyer bios that read like resumes.

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