Legal Firm Marketing Ideas for Coming Holidays

With the holidays season coming in full swing, now is the unique time of year that lets you to get connected with your audiences on a deep level than any time of the whole year. By maximizing this, you can reinforce your relationship with existing/ previous clients and build up new relationship simultaneously. Below are some holiday legal firm marketing ideas that you can implement.

A Holiday Video

Divorce lawyer Peter L. Cedeno of Peter Cedeno & Associates says an excellent way to send holiday greetings to people is by making a short video featuring everybody from your own legal firm. This does not have to be something over the top, however just a short 2 – 3 minutes video of you, all your staff members and fellow lawyers wishing your prospects and clients well during the holiday is a nice means to reach out. Making a video is helpful because it lets your audiences to know about you on a more personal level and also has a human element added to it. You then can post it at your social media accounts, blog, etc.

Christmas eCards

Another excellent way to spread good words and let the individuals know that you are thinking regarding them is with eCards. These are easy and quick to send and also are a great method to build relationship with your customers. All you need to do is to visit a site offering eCards and surf through their collection of eCards for Christmas. There are an extensive range of Christmas themed eCards that can be customized and personalized. From there, you could go through your complete email list and mal an eCard to every person. It needs a bit of efforts, but can have an excellent impact that your customers are sure to keep in their mind forever.

New Year Announcement

The starting of New Year is frequently a time for transition and change. If your legal firm has big announcements for the year 2015, now is the ideal time to let everybody know about them. For this method, you could craft a piece of contents that reflect on your progress during 2014 and what are your plans for the next year. This way your audiences will know what should you expect and you could keep them in loop. When distributing this content is considered, you can do so via your social media accounts, blog, and email to name some.

Charitable Donations

An added idea that can perk up your law firm’s name really is by making charitable donations to any good cause within your own community or overseas. Not just will this provide you some positive publicity, but you’ll know that you have something great to help other people. Besides donating wealth, you can even volunteer your time as well as help at any food shelter or local hospitals. And though you don’t wish to go much beyond this, you may wish to create press release to discuss about charity and your legal firm’s participation in brief.

By trying these holiday legal firm marketing ideas, you must be able to acquire some important exposure to get in repeated clients and draw new ones.

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