How to Trademark Your Law Firm Logo?

A law firm’s logo design is valuable piece of property. Many clients choose between companies and services by looking at their logos only, as they associate certain companies with a quality. Just like with any property, logo needs to be protected legally. Every law firm should trademark its law firm logo. The process isn’t all that hard and is worth the effort and time it needs.

Step 1: Research

The very first step to trademark a logo doesn’t involve Intellectual Property Office. Instead, you have to see if your logo design infringes one which has been used already or is registered with any of the intellectual property databases. The investigation is called professional trademark search. A trademark search can find if there are marks regarding which you should be alarmed. If your law firm logo is similar to other, the firm owning that logo can sue you out for “trademark infringement.” And the claim will be that your logo is enough similar that it causes lots of confusion amongst clients.

Step 2: Read All the ‘Rules’

Now, you should determine if the firm logo that you’ve in your mind will meet all the requirements of Intellectual Property Office or not. They won’t accept logo filing with the following problems:

Logos that include generic descriptions
Logos based on the words used in your niche already
Logos that aren’t distinctive and unique
Logos containing offensive images or words
Logos that represent, or are services or items, against the law

Step 3 – Pick a Class

Next, you must select the class of services for mark. There are total 45 classes and every class represents a different field. So, choose the apt one for law firm. When filing out for registration, you must select all classes that are relevant to your logo to get as much of legal protection as probable.

Why are classes utilized in trademark process?

Classes avoid companies from overreaching their registrations. Trademarks tend to be intended to help the companies protect their own intellectual property, but might not hinder competition within an unconnected niche.

Step 4 – Application

Next step is the real filing of the trademark application with Intellectual Property Office. This application should be completed online. Actually, there is no such “application” per se. In its place, you’re walked through online questionnaire, which will make things very straightforward and simple.

Step 5 – Approval

After the filing procedure is complete, IPO will allocate an examiner to your case. This person will review your application and offer you with a written correspondence in 10 business days or so, indicating whether your logo will get approved or not. If it gets rejected, you’ll be told the reason why and offered the chance to respond. If registration is approved, your logo will get published in the trademark journal to let other businesses to even object to its filing. Objections are unusual.

The whole process should take around three months to complete if everything goes efficiently.


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