Former Client Demands List of Unethical Lawyer’s Lovers in Sexual Assault Lawsuit

A Manhattan woman who’s suing Peter L. Cedeno, her previous divorce lawyer over their sizzling affair desires a list of his sex partners for the last decade.

And Atesa Pacelli is using a 2005 situation versus Bill Cosby to boost her need.

“In Constand the court needed the accused, that is the well-known comedian Costs Cosby, to produce info related to all people he had sexual relations with for the 5 years preceding the alleged sexual assault,” the 42-year-old states in court documents.

Andrea Constand initially took legal action against “America’s Dad” in 2005 over a supposed 2004 attack. In a January 2006 ruling a federal court judge bought Cosby to splash the beans regarding any extramarital partnerships. It’s vague whether Cosby ever quit the info.

They got to a personal negotiation in November 2006. Later Constand cooperated with prosecutors to bring criminal costs against Cosby. The situation wrapped up with a mistrial in June.

In the meantime Pacelli is wishing the decade-old Cosby judgment will aid her fit against her previous matrimonial attorney, Peter Cedeno. She claims he pushed her right into sex throughout her split from her programmer husband.

She wants to know if her any one of her lawyer’s lovers were clients like her.

Her “query into [Cedeno’s] sex-related history is affordable and apparent methods to uncover evidence of comparable acts,” Pacelli says in court papers.

Pacelli thinks that Cedeno had actually formerly “utilized his duty as an attorney to pursue sex-related relationships” consisting of one with an additional customer’s partner in between 2010 and also 2012.

Cedeno, 49, refuted the cases and also said the probing of his love life is “unnecessary” to the instance.

He’s countersuing for defamation.

In a January 2006 ruling a federal court judge purchased Cosby to splash the beans about any type of extramarital relationships. It’s vague whether Cosby ever offered up the details.

Later Constand coordinated with prosecutors to bring criminal costs against Cosby.

Every law firm should have a logo

In case you want to start a new law firm, you have to remember that it is time to build the brand. When you create the appealing law firm logo, you will be assured of sending the best message to the clients. You will find many points that you have to think about while deciding on the Lawyer Logos.

While choosing the logo color, you have to keep in mind the target of the people you want to reach and make sure that you are communicating to them the message you want. Decide if you are going to be working for the corporation, workers, consumers or families. The logo can help you to be understood by the clients or the public as stronger ligator or to be considered as a reliable partner who is going to guide them into a trustworthy process.

The Lawyer Logos has also to consider the logos which are used by now. You will need to have a distinctive image which is going to represent all the elements within the best light. You will have the option to choose the modern fonts or the classical fonts for the law firm logo. The modern fonts make the logo to be modern and innovative. The classical fonts make the logo to look traditional but dependable.

Be aware of the place that the logo is going to be put while deciding on the type of the format you want. Your logo has to look always proper no matter where you want to use it. Since the logo will be used on the website, it is important to reduce the elaborate symbols that can be hard for the website to depict. You have also to consider how the logo will look like in a black and white when the print is not able to print colored elements. The Lawyer Logos will also be used in all your files and business cards.

The quality of the logo you make will depend on the type of the designer you choose. When you choose to invest into the professional logo, it is going to be a crucial decision for any small business which is serious for the future. When you have a logo with a good looking logo, it will increase the trust of the clients into your business.

While looking for the Lawyer Logos, you have to keep in mind the speed of the turnaround, quality design, ease of process and the price. Designing of the logo is going to be your steps towards building your brand. The logo has to be based on the type of the clients that you are looking to target, your specialization and the nature of practice. Because of this reason, the designer should spend a good amount of money and to spend enough time in order to come up with the right logo. The colors, promotional, stationery products and marketing tools have also to be considered while deciding on the logo. As the person in the charge of the law firm, it is important to understand what it is required for Lawyer Logos in order to make the right choice.

How to Trademark Your Law Firm Logo?

A law firm’s logo design is valuable piece of property. Many clients choose between companies and services by looking at their logos only, as they associate certain companies with a quality. Just like with any property, logo needs to be protected legally. Every law firm should trademark its law firm logo. The process isn’t all that hard and is worth the effort and time it needs.

Step 1: Research

The very first step to trademark a logo doesn’t involve Intellectual Property Office. Instead, you have to see if your logo design infringes one which has been used already or is registered with any of the intellectual property databases. The investigation is called professional trademark search. A trademark search can find if there are marks regarding which you should be alarmed. If your law firm logo is similar to other, the firm owning that logo can sue you out for “trademark infringement.” And the claim will be that your logo is enough similar that it causes lots of confusion amongst clients.

Step 2: Read All the ‘Rules’

Now, you should determine if the firm logo that you’ve in your mind will meet all the requirements of Intellectual Property Office or not. They won’t accept logo filing with the following problems:

Logos that include generic descriptions
Logos based on the words used in your niche already
Logos that aren’t distinctive and unique
Logos containing offensive images or words
Logos that represent, or are services or items, against the law

Step 3 – Pick a Class

Next, you must select the class of services for mark. There are total 45 classes and every class represents a different field. So, choose the apt one for law firm. When filing out for registration, you must select all classes that are relevant to your logo to get as much of legal protection as probable.

Why are classes utilized in trademark process?

Classes avoid companies from overreaching their registrations. Trademarks tend to be intended to help the companies protect their own intellectual property, but might not hinder competition within an unconnected niche.

Step 4 – Application

Next step is the real filing of the trademark application with Intellectual Property Office. This application should be completed online. Actually, there is no such “application” per se. In its place, you’re walked through online questionnaire, which will make things very straightforward and simple.

Step 5 – Approval

After the filing procedure is complete, IPO will allocate an examiner to your case. This person will review your application and offer you with a written correspondence in 10 business days or so, indicating whether your logo will get approved or not. If it gets rejected, you’ll be told the reason why and offered the chance to respond. If registration is approved, your logo will get published in the trademark journal to let other businesses to even object to its filing. Objections are unusual.

The whole process should take around three months to complete if everything goes efficiently.


Legal Firm Marketing Ideas for Coming Holidays

With the holidays season coming in full swing, now is the unique time of year that lets you to get connected with your audiences on a deep level than any time of the whole year. By maximizing this, you can reinforce your relationship with existing/ previous clients and build up new relationship simultaneously. Below are some holiday legal firm marketing ideas that you can implement.

A Holiday Video

Divorce lawyer Peter L. Cedeno of Peter Cedeno & Associates says an excellent way to send holiday greetings to people is by making a short video featuring everybody from your own legal firm. This does not have to be something over the top, however just a short 2 – 3 minutes video of you, all your staff members and fellow lawyers wishing your prospects and clients well during the holiday is a nice means to reach out. Making a video is helpful because it lets your audiences to know about you on a more personal level and also has a human element added to it. You then can post it at your social media accounts, blog, etc.

Christmas eCards

Another excellent way to spread good words and let the individuals know that you are thinking regarding them is with eCards. These are easy and quick to send and also are a great method to build relationship with your customers. All you need to do is to visit a site offering eCards and surf through their collection of eCards for Christmas. There are an extensive range of Christmas themed eCards that can be customized and personalized. From there, you could go through your complete email list and mal an eCard to every person. It needs a bit of efforts, but can have an excellent impact that your customers are sure to keep in their mind forever.

New Year Announcement

The starting of New Year is frequently a time for transition and change. If your legal firm has big announcements for the year 2015, now is the ideal time to let everybody know about them. For this method, you could craft a piece of contents that reflect on your progress during 2014 and what are your plans for the next year. This way your audiences will know what should you expect and you could keep them in loop. When distributing this content is considered, you can do so via your social media accounts, blog, and email to name some.

Charitable Donations

An added idea that can perk up your law firm’s name really is by making charitable donations to any good cause within your own community or overseas. Not just will this provide you some positive publicity, but you’ll know that you have something great to help other people. Besides donating wealth, you can even volunteer your time as well as help at any food shelter or local hospitals. And though you don’t wish to go much beyond this, you may wish to create press release to discuss about charity and your legal firm’s participation in brief.

By trying these holiday legal firm marketing ideas, you must be able to acquire some important exposure to get in repeated clients and draw new ones.

Web Design Mistakes that Law Firms Usually Make

Whether or not you know it, your law firm’s website might be making a critical mistake that can lead to turning off your potential clients or violating your state’s lawful ethics rules. Here are the elements to avoid that will make sure your best law firm websites effectively reaches prospective clients and complies completely with applicable lawyer ethics rules.


Attorneys often create contents for their sites with their experiences. When writing contents, you might fall back on language and jargon you’re used to on a daily basis as a practicing lawyer. But, this is not the jargon which most people know. Boasting about your latest “successful motion for judgment and dismissal” won’t be as attractive as to a customer as “judge threw out other side’s case, thus saving our client all the expenses of trial.”

When you read motions and case laws all day, at times it’s difficult to break out of the legal writing style and begin relating to clients as they can understand.


Nowadays, there are lots of inexpensive or free law firm website templates available on the web. Some companies may tell you that they can create a customized website for your firm in a short time. But when they deliver your website, have a look and also compare it with other law firms’ websites. Does it exactly look like other lawyers’ or law firms websites, with a different colors scheme?

How does this happens? It is because of cheap templates use. Many website creation companies use as well as reuse the same websites templates again and again, changing only the firm names, biographies, and pictures, while keeping site structure and many pages same. It saves them lots of time and money, but they charge you still for a site created from the ground.


Your website has an image of the courthouse, a gavel, scales of justice along with the blind judge.

Every other law firm website has this as well. It is what makes your firm less unique and forgettable to the clients who browse several firm sites before choosing his/her attorney.

Using such images will not help your law firm to stick out and can even hurt you greatly, as clients will get turned off by such cliche imagery that they see all around the Internet.


Many law firm websites do not sell the lawyer’s skills to clients. They have Practice Areas page often noting that the law firm handles family law, estate planning matters or accident cases, but does nothing much more to convince clients on why they should make use of the law firm services.

Or the attorneys think they have sufficient information about their great skills as they have a lawyer bio page for each member of the law firm. This does not do much to pitch clients about your expertise, however. The clients do not read carefully through the lawyer bios that read like resumes.